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The Refreshed Therapist Network

About Me

Hey there! I'm Ili Walter, PhD, LMFT. I'm the founder + facilitator of this community. I created The Refreshed Therapist Network to offer community, support, and innovative ideas to psychotherapists that will enrich their lives and work. 

Why You Should Join Me

This dedicated RTN space will connect you to others like you--therapists with your interests and specialities. Here, you can be selective about your connections and not be distracted by the noise on other platforms. Plus, you'll have new content, relevant to the self, therapy, and business aspects of the therapist life.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for supporting this new type of community. Thank you for following, listening, reading, and connecting. You inspire me to continue creating resources and connections that make our work more meaningful and enjoyable. This is our community; let's hang out!

Your commitment

In order to join, you must:

  • be a psychotherapist (graduate-level trained, or a current graduate student).
  • be interested in growing as a person and professional.
  • be open to the stories, journeys, and perspectives of colleagues. 
  • reach out and make connections with members of the community.
  • participate. Communities don't work without the active voices of their members.
  • Invite at least 1 colleague to join you! Have you ever heard of the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"? (If not, Google it). My goal is for every therapist to be within 6 degrees (or less) of this network. Let's decrease the steps for every therapist who needs support! 

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